Limehouse Tilbury

In 2018 I started wandering east mainly along the river down to Tilbury from Limehouse, taking pictures as I went of this disappearing and changing landscape, so close to the city, littered with derelict buildings, abandoned objects, shoes, clothing and bits of furniture, the traces of humans and their lives.

As I walk with the whole space before me it is the moments of seeing something on the periphery of my vision that is dis-located but gives an intimate sense of unconscious meaning and a connectedness to the collective traces of land, nature and humanity in what has been and what it is now layering moments upon moments of history.

A landscape that is constantly in the process of change, was once bogs, marshes, farmland and industry lying along the arterial flow of the River Thames, which is now scattered with remnants of a past history but somehow unsure of its future, its present being caught in the middle, a space that is in-between different worlds. These photographs capture and hold the present and yet so quickly become the past the moment that shutter has clicked. A slippage of time zones where each moment asks so many questions about how we see this liminal space, what is in front of us and how we feel moving it.

Limehouse Silvertown



Gallions Reach

Dagenham Docks